GPS Monitoring Devices

GPS Monitoring Devices

Quickly locate clients with the world’s most powerful mapping tool for a GPS monitoring device. With Google maps and Pursuit Mode officers can quickly locate client’s exact locations putting their movements in context in near real time transmissions. Scram’s GPS ankle monitor has the industry’s best battery life lasting a full 2 days. Dead batteries leave the offenders un monitored.

The simplicity that is designed into the Scram GPS ankle bracelet allows for an easy open strap close strap with nothing in between.

The latest generation of SCRAM GPS features superior location accuracy and all the solutions available on one platform for officers to easily access their caseloads. Tracking is on a 3G cellular network connecting Google analytics with Google Street View. Tamper proof technology reduces false alerts and provides alerts in real time.

  • Better Tools Better job
  • Customer Support
  • Experience
  • Analytics
  • Open Alert Open Bracelet
  • Long Battery Life

SCRAM Systems works with the largest network of corrections providers industrywide. 4 States Monitoring is an authorized Service partner of SCRAM and has gone through an extensive certification program to ensure the best services, support and management.

As an authorized service partner 4 States Monitoring provides Daily Offender Management using the state of art testing tools provided by SCRAM. We are can monitor a client’s sobriety in real time. This allows them to maintain employment and at the same time provide a safer community.

SCRAM provides courts with many advantages and allows supervising partners to manage the following areas in conjunction with the courts:

  • Continuous alcohol monitoring + house arrest
  • Enforceable offender accountability
  • Scientifically-proven technology
  • Court acceptance
  • Flexible, exception-based reporting
  • Non-invasive automated testing
  • Evidence-based assessment and detection
  • Improved outcomes
  • Cost effectiveness