Alcohol Monitoring Devices

Our flagship technology. The SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® system is the world’s most widely used and trusted 24/7 transdermal alcohol testing system. For high-risk, hardcore DUI and alcohol offenders.

Alcohol is absorbed in your blood Provides Accountability and Encourages Compliance.

and moving to your brain and lungs where it is exhaled. An alcohol bracelet can measure the amount of alcohol in your system; [BAC] blood alcohol content, by simply breathing into the device. A BAC will be highest usually one hour after you drink.

These alcohol monitoring devices can help you by not allowing your vehicle to start until your breath shows that you are under the legal limit to drive. When drinking to over .08ppm studies show that you are impaired enough that you should not drive. Some states are starting to reduce this to .05ppm.

The tool that law enforcement uses is called a breathalyzer and this in conjunction with some data captured by some of these alcohol monitoring systems that are used for detection like a breath alcohol tester or an alcohol ankle monitor.

The tests that law enforcement use to monitor your BAC can be manual as well as electronic. The most frequently used manual test is a balloon and a glass tube. The crystals in the tube

An alcohol detection bracelet can offer you and your loved ones the peace of mind needed until you decide to make healthier choices. Besides the electronic breathalyzer test, the most common form of a manual test is a tube of crystals and a balloon. The crystals change color depending on the content of alcohol in your system.

This type of electronic or manual breath alcohol tester is easily available to purchase so that you can monitor your own alcohol content before getting behind the wheel to drive.

SCRAM CAM Provides Accountability and Encourages Compliance with its alcohol monitoring systems. Offering home curfew monitoring at the flip of a switch. All testing gaps are eliminated in our process.

There is no capability to miss or drink around a test These alcohol monitoring devices go where the tested goes and can show obvious patterns of abuse that may need interaction.

Despite significant progress over the past few decades, drunk driving continues to wreak havoc in the lives of victims and to pose serious public safety issues for communities. But initiatives like 24/7 Sobriety Programs, Target 25, and DUI Courts are taking the lead to turn the tide on alcohol-impaired driving. SCRAM CAM is a key part of helping DUI programs assess offenders, enforce accountability and compliance, and address the root cause of drunk driving: alcohol misuse, abuse, and addiction.